Our Mission, Your Success

At TalentBright, our mission is to help companies achieve exponential growth by matching them with the very best in class talent while adhering to a philosophy of “Ethics First” in everything we do. We believe in building valuable long term relationships with our clients while also building rewarding careers for the professionals we place.


Kelly Tyrrell, RN

President & CEO

Kelly has been a RN in the healthcare industry since 2009. She’s worked in several healthcare settings from helping to save lives in the Emergency Room to a Senior Executive crushing quarterly goals for a national hospital system.

During her time as an executive, she found a passion for attracting highly qualified talent for her department which lead her to pursue a career in recruitment and talent acquisition.

When Kelly is not serving our clients, she enjoys being a loving wife and having the best job in the world, being a mom. After a long 14 years of struggling with infertility, Kelly & her husband were blessed with their son, Bryson, through IVF and their miracle natural daughter, Aubry, just two years later.

Robert Tyrrell

Exec. Vice President

Robert has been a successful entrepreneur in Marketing & Sales since 2016 working with many notable brands throughout North America.

Robert has had the privilege to impact businesses of all sizes: From a start up taking a product or service to market to helping businesses scale their revenue goals to the next level.

In his personal life, Robert is a doting husband, father, and a die hard Philadelphia Eagles Fan! Robert & Kelly started dating in 2003 as high school sweethearts. They were married in 2006 & started traveling the world enjoying married life together while working on growing a family.


What industries do you serve?

We recruit for most industries that hire roles in Medical & Health, Operations, C-Suite, Sales & Marketing, Engineering & Technical, Finance, Human Resources, Legal, & Information Technology.

How do you find candidates?

We have exclusive access to databases, softwares, technologies, & systems on & offline that allow us to have great access to qualified candidates in multiple specialties. Furthermore, it’s not just the tools we leverage to find candidates, but our proprietary process of how we find & screen them.

How does it work?

We first assess your specific needs, expectations, & qualities you’re ideally looking for in each of your job roles. We take care of the sourcing, pre-qualification, & initial interviewing before we even send a candidate over to you. That way you’re saving a ton of time & money only focusing on the best talent in your area who would be best fit for your organization.

How quickly can you send over candidates?

After you attend the Onboarding Call that dives deep into all of the details on your ideal candidate requirements, typically we start seeing candidate submittals within 2 weeks.

Do you work on an exclusive basis in your contract?

No, you are free to work with any other recruiting agencies and utilize your own internal teams. We like to think of ourselves as an adjunct to your existing recruitment efforts.

Do you have candidates to send over now?

Once the contract is signed & you attend the Onboarding Call, we will leverage the databases, softwares, technologies, & systems to find the ideal candidate(s) that you’re looking for. We will send them through our screening process, & you can expect in & around 2 weeks we will send over candidates for your review.

What if you send me a candidate that I’m already speaking to or interviewed before?

We have a candidate ownership clause laid out in our direct hire agreement which states that if you engage with the candidate within 6 months of us submitting then that candidate belongs to you & no payment is owed.

What percentage of candidates are replaced under the Candidate Guarantee?

Less than 10%. Over 90% of our candidates stay with our clients for the long term.

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